Service Champion 360 Profiling Assessment

Happy New Year to all of you!

As we start 2021, We are delighted to announce the rollout of the Service Champion 360 Profiling Assessment tool. The tool is developed based on the years of research collaboration with The Mental Toughness Research Institute (USA) and many industry global service/hospitality leaders.

Inspired by the int’l book “Winning Clients’ Loyalty – 7 Proven Practices to Convert Clients into Amazing Fans” ( ), the tool and report will help you and your teams with the awareness and strategies to improve your service productivity, experience, and performance with your clients, customers, and teams. The awareness, strategies and development areas are built on the premise of S.E.R.V.I.C.E. (Self Mastery, Experience, Relationship, Value, Innovation, Culture and Empowerment)

We will be happy to discuss further with you on how Service Champion 360 can make a difference for you, your team and organization in supporting a Customer Centricity Culture. Do reach up to us for more information.

Have a great 2021! Stay safe and well always!