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Here Are Five Of Jonathan’s Most Popular Signature Motivational Keynote Presentations.


high-performance sales and service culture are important because of the efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of an organization’s sales & service force has a direct and significant impact on revenue. The focus on this one-hour high impact learning session will be on the attainment of a high-performance sales & service culture & mindset, working together as a focused aligned team, resilience, adaptability and optimism during disruptive times.


  • Develop higher self-awareness to improve personal effectiveness and reactions while decoding the hidden language of emotions; leading to impactful buy-in and support from the sales and leadership team.
  • Embrace trust as an important element to the change process and how it can be developed further between you, your sales team and your customers
  • Discover how optimism, resiliency and mental toughness increases personal energy and sales efficiencies during disruptive times.


n a world of continual change and constant evolution, the need for leaders to be equipped with the right leadership competencies becomes even more important. This session will identify what tomorrow’s leaders will need to know, do and believe in order to successfully lead in the future.

This session will identify what tomorrow’s leaders will need to know, do and believe in order to successfully lead in the future.


  • Embrace the transformational leadership competencies based on the research and brain science of emotional intelligence to successfully lead in the future.
  • Apply the three dimensions of trust to improve the level and quality of engagement and trust-building for higher productivity and performance.
  • Inspire a culture of care, wellbeing and happiness that results in a culture of collaboration, personal empowerment and satisfaction


7 Proven Practices to Convert Clients to Amazing Fans
very business wants to convert their clients or customers into loyal & amazing fans. Not only will such clients stay with you for the long-term, they will also be your best ambassadors through their enthusiastic, free, word-of-mouth advertising for your organization.

In this keynote workshop, the 7 Proven Practices to Convert Clients into Amazing Fans, embodied in the word “S.E.R.V.I.C.E”, is aimed at helping you discover the “how to”. It is about helping you build and exceed the customer service experience that affects your organization, your people and your personal leadership effectiveness.


  • Increase your personal self-mastery skills in the areas of self-awareness & emotional effectiveness
  • Increase your influential communication, productivity and teamwork cooperation of the individual vis-à-vis team, both written and verbal communication.
  • Develop better customer Engagement, Relationship & Connection for higher retention & loyalty to both internal and external customers


Evolve and Transform for Breakthrough Team Success
o achieve breakthrough performance and productivity, leaders must instill a growth mindset within their teams, encouraging the embrace of challenges, persistence despite obstacles, viewing efforts as a path to mastery, learning from feedforward, and finding inspiration in others' success; additionally, incorporating emotional intelligence through a powerful EQ action model—Know Yourself, Choose Yourself, Give Yourself—is essential, as it forms the foundation of trust in relationships, paving the way for collaborative endeavors and overall team success.

This session will help you develop a better understanding of your team and how they can relate to others better through communication, so that they can build better relationships and quality engagement with people, harness their connection potential.


  • Embrace a growth mindset shift & approach to work performance
  • Develop relationships and engagements with trust as the foundation for team performance
  • Discover how emotional intelligence is a critical component to breakthrough performance and productivity for yourself and your teams.


How does emotional intelligence work in customer care and employee engagements?
anagers can easily be distracted by administrative requirements of running a team — and while the emails and processes matter, ultimately service is delivered by PEOPLE. In the end, skill development, EQ appreciation and relationship mastery contribute the most to retaining talents, employee engagement and your profitability. In order to build these capabilities, managers need EQ themselves.

The key to building a real customer care culture (both internally & externally) is directly related to the engagement and emotional intelligence skills of the manager. Great leaders and managers recognize the necessity to understand, relate and communicate with a wide variety of people for a great service experience. The great manager also recognizes that each person is motivated and responsive to different stimuli and has different needs.


  • Achieve personal mastery and ownership in making the “Possibility” a “Reality” for higher employee’s productivity, engagement, and loyalty.
  • Build key and meaningful relationships that matter, center around EQ, in achieving impeccable service experience and breakthrough in an interpersonal and business relationship.
  • Learn three different ways to motivate and develop the capabilities of your leaders in delivering real customer care.


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