Talent Development

Professionals and managers are faced with the daily daunting tasks of generating demands, making key decisions in setting the appropriate sales volume, occupancy and rates. Professionals must adhere to a consistent, long-term revenue, pricing, distribution and market share strategy.

The ability to integrate the right people, right processes and right tools will contribute significantly to the increase in performance, productivity and profitability. Organizations that have made a strategic decision to invest in Talent Development programs in equipping their associates, are now reaping the rewards with more sales, better revenue, higher profitability through exceptional service experiences & deliverables.


- Sales & Marketing
- Leadership
- Customer Service Excellence
- Revenue Optimization


- Guest Satisfaction Index
- Cost Competitiveness
- Market Share Index
- Associate Opinion Satisfaction (AOS) Index

Sales and Marketing Development Series

  • Hospitality Sales & Service Mastery
  • Hospitality Sales Negotiation
  • Hospitality Sales Presentation
  • Transformational Leadership for Success
  • Winning Clients’ Loyalty
  • Achieving Peak Performance for Sales
  • Sales Negotiation for Results
  • High Impact Sales Presentation

Leadership Development Series

  • Foundation of Effective Leadership for Managers
  • Transformational Leadership for Success
  • Managing and Leading Change
  • High-Performance Coaching for Leaders
  • Influential Presentation Skills for Leaders
  • Mental Toughness Success for Sales Leaders
  • Winning Clients’ Loyalty
  • Winning Sales and Revenue Performance Culture

Customer Service Development Series

  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Know Well to Serve Well – Keys to Understanding customers’ objectives
  • Winning Clients’ Loyalty
  • Customer Service Innovation
  • Customer Service Problem Resolution
  • Coaching for Service Leadership
  • Transformational Leadership for Success
  • Mental Toughness Success for Service Professionals

Revenue Optimization Development Series

  • Fundamental of Revenue Management
  • Presentation Skills for Revenue Managers
  • Negotiation Skills for Success
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Influential Leadership
  • Strategic Revenue Management
  • High-Performance Coaching
  • Transformational Leadership for Success

Virtual Leadership & Sales Programs

  • Navigator – Leading Teams to Results
  • Shift – Adapting to Change
  • Mental Toughness for Leadership Success
  • Mental Toughness for Sales Performance
  • EQFIT Roadmap for Sales Success


Masterclass Workshop and Seminar Participants

Hotel Equatorial


Shuvo Hridayesh

Country Director Sri Lanka, Parkway Hospitals Singapore

M. Manimaran

Senior Director of Sales & Marketing, Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur