Leadership Coaching for Professionals

Next Level Leaders Lead for Good

Because great leaders are the backbone of every organization and are critical to business success. It’s simple. Great leaders build great organizations. They are at the core of an organization’s success both short and long term. But how do leaders go from good to great? Most great leaders are made, not born. What separates great leaders from the rest is the time they invest in honing their leadership skills. But the smartest leaders know they need support to reach peak performance.

Jonathan Low is indeed delighted to be a Global Partner and Associate Leadership Coach with the Global Coach Group, in helping clients take their performance to the next level. At the Global Coach Group, we are committed to be the BEST in delivering access to the Best Coaches, providing the Best Coaching to achieve the BEST results.

Leadership coaching dedicated to help you:

Become an Even Better Leader

Personal Growth
  • Defining what inspires you & journey as an authentic leader
  • Having increased resilience
  • Adapting your behaviors in challenging situations
  • Assessing and addressing your areas to develop

Make More Impact as a Leader in Your Organization

Professional Performance
  • Engaging and motivating your (remote) team
  • Thinking strategically, navigating the unknown effectively
  • Taking calculated risks
  • Managing change
  • Creating shared goals/vision
  • Appreciating diversity and inclusion in its many forms

Be Seen as a More Effective Leader

Recognition from Your Organization
  • Advancing as a leader in your organization
  • Effectively communicating (influencing, persuading)
  • Improving your leadership presence
  • Engendering trust as a leader

Best Coaches

Global Network of 3,500+

  • Spanning 6 continents, 55 countries and speaks 35 languages

Unparalleled Quality

  • All coaches trained/ certified in house


  • Every coach brings at least 15 years of corporate and coaching experience across various industries and levels of leadership

Best Coaching

360 Feedforward Coaching

  • The Most grounded and holistic approach to leadership development, rooted in reality by receiving direct input from your coworkers

Bespoke Process

  • Tailored to your specific leadership requirements and aspirations

Whenever, Wherever

  • Coaching done 100% online, so you’ll have access whenever and wherever via our digital platform

Best Results

Real Time Insights

  • See how you’re reaching the goals you set with your coach

Measurable Outcomes

  • Tangible Results that you can see, not just feel


Masterclass Workshop and Seminar Participants

Mark Losi

General Manager - Parkroyal Yangon, Myanmar

David Kerridge

Managing Director of WILO Australia

Christopher Chan

Hotel Manager @ Premiere Hotel Klang, Malaysia