Ask Me Anything (AMA) Session on Sales & Service Performance

Thanks to Roshan Thiran for the moderation you did during the Bounce Back Summit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session last week. Appreciate all the great questions asked from the BB members, in relation to Sales and Service performance.

Here are some of the great questions asked (and there are many more):

What’s your secret to persuasion?

To be able to sell, the first step is to successfully market yourself as an individual. How do we find our personal branding?

To develop trust, you need to build relationships. As a salesperson, how do you accelerate that process?

Sometimes you have a few types of customer, one is the high paying customer (deep pockets), some low paying customer (government), how do you balance your time with all these customers? Do we focus on 80/20? Or just focus on certain types of customers?

How does the sales technique work in other occupations, as you mentioned that it can be used in any occupation that one is in?

Sharing the exchanges of ideas from the session here:

Events do not determine your outcomes. Choices you make do. Bounce Back to achieve your desired goals!

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