Real Customer Care with EQ in Pretoria, South Africa

Inspiring and empowering leaders on “Real Customer Care with EQ” in Pretoria, South Africa!

What a treat this morning to work with leaders from WH Leisure Group, Menlyn Boutique Hotel 57 Waterberg Holy Dough.

With close to 30 leaders, key contributors and special invited guests during the session, I had a fantastic time working with all. We explore the possibilities to enhance customer care and experience through S.E.R.V.I.C.E. Practical application were shared with case studies and strategies on how to engage, excite and enthuse customers to keep coming back for more.

Keep up the amazing work as you continue to inspire your leaders and, teams Quintin Wiehahn. Thanks for the opportunity to work with your client Gustav Gous. What an amazing group. Thanks a huge lot to you Taryn-lee Kearney for helping to capture beautiful moments from the session.

From the moment I checked into the 5 stars Menlyn Boutique Hotel , it is truly what it says it is, where luxury, tranquility and art meet. The room was luxuriously elegant and beautifully decorated. Besides that it was the commitment to service, engagements and personalised experience that made a huge difference for me. Thank you so much to everyone who made my stay memorable and amazing!

I am looking forward to seeing the leaders again and experiencing the 57 Waterberg in my next engagement and trip to South Africa.

To all my connections, what was special and made the difference for you in your hotel or resort experiences?

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